Administrative Assistant

The professional who Works with an Administrative Assistant will be responsible to coordinate the day-to-day administrative tasks. They are very important to the company growth.

They also have some other tasks, such as described at next list:

• answering phone calls and directing it to relevant staff;

• scheduling meetings:

• taking meetings notes;

• preparing documents for meetings or business trips;

• delivering e-mails;

• booking or researching travels to the staff.


An Administrative Assistant use to receive all these benefits:

• healthcare plan;

• dental plan;

• commute benefit;

• Christmas bonus;

• meal voucher;

• life insurance.

These are the most common bonus, but It could vary depending the company policy and other factors.


The Administrative Assistant average salary is US$37,849 per year, but some factors could be an influence to change it, such as the company policy, professional skills or experience, graduation diploma, and much more.


To be an Administrative Assistant, the person uses to have a High School degree, but some companies can require a bachelor`s degree.


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