Class Monitor

A Class Monitor is a professional who will works closely the teacher, maintaining the class in silence, until the next teacher arrivals.

They also have many other tasks, such as you could view at next list:

• helping younger students to the bathroom;

• collect papers;

• insure that the students are keeping their eyes on their own paper during a test.


A Class Monitor could earn some benefits, such as Christmas bonus, meal voucher, dental plan, commute benefite, life insurance and healthcare plan.

These are the most common, but they also can receive other bonus or work as a volunteer.


The Class Monitor average salary is US$8 per hour, but it could be vary depending the school policy. They also could work as a volunteer, so they don`t receive a salary.


To become a Class Monitor, the professional will need minimum a High School diploma. But some institutes require a bachelor`s or master`s degree.

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