Executive Assistant

The most important activity that an Executive Assistant have to do is support the executive staff, but the professional also needs to prepare a lot of documents, such as reports, invoices letters, memos and many other.

At next list you can view some other duties that they have to do:

• helping prepare for meeting;

• arranging travel for executives;

• opening and distributing e-mails, faxes and correspondences;

• provide administrative support.


An Executive Assistant could earn some benefits, like you can view at next list:

• Christmas bonus;

• commute benefit;

• dental plan;

• healthcare plan;

• life insurance;

• meal voucher.

These kinds of benefits are the most common, but the professional could receive different bonus, depending the company policy.


The Executive Assistant average salary is US$59,350 per year, but this value could vary depending on some factors, such as the professional experience or skills, the company policy, graduation, courses, and much more!


Some companies require a bachelor`s degree in Administrative or Secretarial, with some experience.

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