The Financial Analyst most important responsibility is planning and analysis of a company financial, producing financial reports, determining the best use of resources.

They also have to do some other duties, such as:

• analysing all the financial data;

• identify trends;

• preparing rports;

• developing a long-term commercial plan;

• exploring some investment opportunities;

• developing policies to improve the financial growth.


A Financial Analyst also can earn a lot of benefits, but the most common is:

• Christmas bonus;

• meal voucher;

• commute benefit;

• life insurance;

• dental plan;

• healthcare plan.

These kinds of benefits could be different according the company policy and other factors.


The professional who works as a Financial Analyst maybe could receive US$85,660 per year, but this value could vary depending the company policy, professional experience and skills, courses and much more.


To be a Financial Analyst, the person need to have a bachelor`s degree in Accounting, Finance, Statistics, Economics, Business Administration or any other related course.

But if you want to get an advanced position, maybe you will need a Master`s degree.

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