Management Assistant

A Management Assistant use to be responsible for administrative and organizational duties, developing documents, arrange meetings, and much more.

At next list you can see other kind of duties that this professional also could do:

• writing reports;

• preparing documents for communications;

• analyzing datas;

• verify if all parties can attend a meeting;

• confirm if the room will be available for a meeting;

• rearrange schedules.

These and many other duties are responsible to the management Assistant, depending the company requirement.


A Management Assistant could earn some benefits, but the most common are:

• meal voucher;

• life insurance;

• healthcare plan;

• Christmas bonus;

• commute benefit;

• dental plan.

All these benefits are the most common, but a lot of different bonus could be proposed to the professional.


The Management Assistant`s average salary is US$47,978 per year, but it could vary depending some factors, such as experience or skills, company policy, graduation level, and much more.


Some companies use to require a High School diploma, but a bachelor`s degree, MBA and another language proficiency could be a differential.

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