Marketing Assistant

The most important Marketing Assistant activity is supporting the marketing managers tasks, developing sales strategies and marketing campaigns, to maximize the company profits.

They also could do other activities, such as:

• distributing financial informations;

• analyzing questionnaires;

• organizing presentations;

• supporting promotional campaigns;

• visiting customers;

• organizing market research;

• writing reports.

Even though these are the most commons duties, a Marketing Assistant also could do some other tasks, depending the company policy.


A professional who works as a Marketing Assistant uses to receive these benefits:

• meal voucher;

• life insurance;

• healthcare plan;

• dental plan;

• commute benefit;

• Christmas bonus.

These are the most common, but the professional also can earn other bonus, depending the company policy.


The Marketing Assistant average salary is US$37,937 per year, but it could be different, depending the professional experience and skills, graduation level, company policy and other factors.



The professional who wants to work as a Marketing Assistant use to have a bachelor`s degree in Marketing, Communication or Business. But they also could have a Financial, Management, Accounting Practices or Statistics courses.

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