Office Assistant

An Office Assistant has some responsibilities, such as supply and organize the office, take notes during meetings, typing reports, and many other tasks.

They also have these duties:

• sorting and sending e-mails;

• maintaining files;

• ordering new materials;

• answering phone calls;

• welcoming visitors.

There are many other activities that an Office Assistant maybe have to do, but it could be different according the policy company.


The most common benefits that an Office Assistant receive could be:

• meal voucher;

• life insurance;

• healthcare plan;

• dental plan;

• commute benefit;

• Christmas bonus.

These kinds of bonus probably will be different depending the company policy.


The Office Assistant average salary is US$37,703 per year, but maybe it could be different depending the professional experience or skills, graduation level, the company policy, and other factors.



The minimum educational requirement for a professional works as an Office Assistant is a High School diploma, but a secondary training or Assistant Certificates maybe could be a differential to get a job.

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