A Salesman also can be called as a Salesperson or Sales Representative, have a lot of responsibilities, such as sell services and products to consumers, explain about their products or services, and much more.

At next list, you will find many other activities that this professional also can do:

• serve consumers.

• check the stock;

• help consumers to find products;

• ring up purchases;

• provide informations about products or services;

• keep track stock.


A Salesman or Saleswoman most common benefits are:

• healthcare plan;

• dental plan;

• career plan;

• meal voucher;

• commute benefit;

• Christmas bonus;

• life insurance.

These are the most common benefits, but it could be different depending the company policy.


The Salesman average salary could be US$53,798, but it could vary depending some factors, like professional experience, skills, education level, company policy, and much more.


To be a Salesman, the professional probably should have a High School degree, but some companies prefer a person who has a bachelor’s degree in marketing, Economics or Communication.

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